Prioritise Our Mental Health

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Make your voice heard on Student Mental Health at Sheffield

This survey is part of the Prioritise Our Mental Health campaign launched by your Welfare Officer Anna Mullaney. Prioritise Our Mental Health aims to address the under-prioritisation of mental health in a number of different areas. 

The aim of this survey is to audit the state of student welfare, particularly relating to mental health and wellbeing, in Sheffield. 

Mental health can be defined as 'a person's condition with regard to their psychological and emotional wellbeing'. In the same way your physical health relates to the state of your body, your mental health relates to the state of your mind and can be in good or bad condition.

Please be assured that the content of your individual answers will remain anonymous. An overview of the data will be presented in a report to be completed by the end of this academic year and taken to relevant decision-makers. Any information that could indicate your identity will not be included in published or shared results.

As a thank you for taking your time to complete this survey we are offering 5 £100 cash prizes. Please enter your details at the end of the survey for your chance to win £100 - your details will only be used for the purposes of contacting you if you win.

Please note that some of the content in this survey relates to suicide, self-harm and harassment. Please feel free to skip any question that you do not feel comfortable answering.

If you are in need of support:

If you are in need of urgent support, please call 999.

Any questions should be directed towards Anna Mullaney (Welfare Officer) at or Dom Trendall (President) at